GiveMy2Cents.com was started in 2011 by two brothers. The idea spawned from a small mercantile store in Taos, New Mexico. When a customer made a purchase, upon checking out, they were given a small token. As they exited the store, there were a number of bins with names of different organizations and charities. Donating was as simple as choosing a charity and dropping the token in the corresponding bin. It cost nothing to the customer, and was a way to promote awareness and do a lot of good.

Inspired by this, we created GiveMy2Cents.com, where we wanted to make it just as easy to get involved. Find a charity you'd like to support, and then go shopping online. At no cost to you (other than the money you were going to spend online anyway), you'll be helping to make these organizations successful. Want to help even more? Share us with your friends!

Thank you for your support!